Friday, November 06, 2009

The Googlebomb Blog is Back!

Back in 2003, I discovered the power of Googlebombs. In 2005, I created the Google bomb Project Blog. The blog has been very effective in increasing the visibility of negative but truthful web sites to people who do keyword searches of prominent right-wing personalities and ideas. However, in the fall of 2006, other progressive bloggers such as Chris Bowers of MyDD seized upon my idea and publicized the idea of g-bombing GOP congressional candidates (BTW, they failed to give me any credit for coming up with idea). This concerned me because g-bombs are most effective when they occur under the radar (articles in Slate and The New York Times were not helpful). Also, these progressive bloggers didn't know the nuances of g-bombing and their actions threatened to majorly fuck things up with Google (since the publicized attempted to manipulate ranking, Google has changed its indexing to attempt to thwart this manipulation).

I laid low and the blog has been dormant for the past three years. However, I have decided to revamp the blog. The latest target: Glenn Beck.